GELO PETG Filament for 3D Printers and Pens 1.75mm +/-0.03mm 1kg/2.2lb spool


Color: Black


  • To get a big savings on the shipping please order 2 or more spools
  • Extruded from the FDA certified resin, food safe
  • Specific gravity : > 1(density: 1.23 ~ 1.27g/ml (25 °C))
  • 116 Rockwell Hardness
  • 53MPa tensile strength @Yield (one of the strongest on the market)
  • 5% Elongation @Yield
  • Coiled in a transparent spool to easily monitor consumption
  • Packaged with a large 10g bag of desiccant for optimal moisture retention
  • Nozzle temperature 240°C (can range from 220°C to 245°C). Bed temperature 80°C (can range from 70°C to 90°C)

  • Use none for big parts or minimal cooling settings for small parts

  • If adhesion is bad, wash bed plate with soap and rinse in worm water, increase bed temperature up on 3-5°C.
  • Made in Canada

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