About Us

GELO was founded by a fellow 3D printing enthusiast. I started making 3D prints in YEAR and quickly learned that quality filament is key in ensuring consistent 3D prints. After X years of printing various gadgets and industrial parts I decided to apply all my learnings and knowledge by founding GELO and producing my own filament.

We constantly strive to improve our product quality by:

Sourcing high-quality raw materials. our final product is FDA approved, food safe and odorless.
Using an advanced 2-step pellet drying process before extrusion to reduce water content and produce a final product that more stable and has less variation. Conducting extensive random manual diameter testing using a high precision micrometer to ensure our diameter is consistent (it is 10 times more precise vs a normal micrometer).
Investing in R&D and new tooling to perfect our winding. Consistent filament winding ensures unform feeling into the 3D printer and prevents clogging, warping, tangling, and bubbles.
Packaging our spools with large 10g desiccant bags to reduce moisture. We place them right next to the filament so it has constant contact and not inside the spool where its efficacy is reduced. You can continue using these bags after opening the package